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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say What? Did I Just TOTALLY Miss The Boat on This?

So, I'm sitting here watching The Doctors (ok, actually I was mopping the floor and watching it) and they were talking about baby formula and what kind of water to use to make it.

Now, when I introduced Connor to formula, which was far earlier than I had planned, I DO NOT remember being concerned at all with what type of water I was using.  I mean, to an extent.  Clearly, I was using fresh, clean water... but now I'm a little concerned.

According to the doctors on this show, and apparently many other sources, we are not supposed to use tap water for formula for the first 6 months.  Any kind.  Whether you live in glorious New York City or Louisville, KY (both of which have very clean and yummy tap water) or in an area with crappy tap water.

I don not remember hearing this specifically from my pediatrician... and I hardly recall even reading much on this at all when Connor was born!!   We generally used the water dispenser from refrigerator, tap water, or sometimes bottled water if we were out and about.  I was even known to take water from a water fountain in desperation!!  Ack!

So, what's the deal?

Ok, these doctors recommended using bottled or distilled water, installing a reverse osmosis filter on your sink faucet, or boiling your tap water before using it.  (Also, they recommended boiling any water from the tap, even if it was filtered, etc.... for the first 2 months of baby's life to avoid any remote risk of infection.) 

Ummm, clearly our family did not follow these guidelines.

The reasoning behind the non-tap water is that the baby might get too much fluoride - because there is fluoride in the water AND in the formula.  I honestly never thought of this.  And, I'm wondering why, if this is such a big deal, I don't remember hearing about this sooner..... uh, like while I was using formula!!

Connor is fine and clearly survived this HUGE oversight and child abuse on our part {eye roll} so I'm not worried.  And, I guess I'll know for the next baby!  Bottled water.... check.

What did you use for mixing your baby formula?  Did I just completely miss the boat on this?  Was your pediatrician super concerned about this?  Did I just have temporary post-partum hearing and memory loss regarding this? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

1 comment:

Laura Camic said...

I used water straight from the faucet... i think that Dane is just fine!!!