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Monday, March 15, 2010

20 Weeks and 10 Pounds Later.... We're Halfway To The Finish Line!

Yes, today officially marks the mid-point through this pregnancy!  (we'll, secretly I'm hoping we're a little further than halfway and that I'll only make it to about 2 weeks from my due date... ;)

So far I still feel like I'm able to do most things I want to do... except my back starts hurting a lot sooner.  Working out is still pretty much status quo, but I've started using an incline bench for exercises on my back (instead of flat) and it's hard for me to run for very long without feeling like I have to pee really bad!

Eating an apple before bed (and then nothing afterward) is now a mandatory part of my routine.  My OB nurse told me she heard this helped with heartburn and reflux and I was skeptical.... but it's funny what you'll try when you are desperate!  So far, it's working great!  I can't believe my heartburn and reflux is already this bad!  When I think of how much bigger this baby is going to get ... and subsequently how much smaller my stomach will be squished up inside.... eating could be rough for the next few months!

I'm still able to find some regular clothes in my closet that still fit, but the selection is getting slimmer!  I'm actually super excited about most of my maternity clothes, even swimsuits, so I'm not minding getting to wear them again!

In other news, we made a lot of progress on Connor's big boy room this weekend.... it might not look that way, but we did a lot of cleaning, shade hanging, etc... now we just need to dresser delivered and the bed built and we're set!

More belly and room pics to come later this week!  Thanks for stopping by!


Kathy said...

I love the blue wall, it is such a fun color!

Half way there, it's such a good feeling!

Ashley Stone said...

Wow I hope that I stay as fit as you when I'm preggers! I'll be calling you for tips! ; )