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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh my gosh - so exhausted right now! Mentally and physically! We had a yardsale this morning to get rid of all my clothes that I didn't want anymore (we're talking a lot of clothes) and it went pretty well - so well that it was very tiring ... especially at a steamy 92 degrees. I am SO glad to have all these things out of my hair (technically basement and guest room) and we made good enough money to make the whole ordeal worth it, but it was TONS of work and without my mom there to help, forget about it!

Speaking of stressful... Yesterday kind of sucked for Jamie because about an hour before he was supposed to hop on a flight home from Chicago, United canceled his flight! What the crap! Canceled, not delayed- due to weather, which from what we could gather, was sprinkles in the early morning. Eventually, he was able to rent a car and get home, but not until 9:30 pm. Boo. Didn't make for a very happy camper or helper when he got home (which is understandable).
We are getting ready to head over to my grandparents with the entire fam to watch the pay-per-view Kentucky football game against MTSU and we're are stopping to pick up sushi at Fugi (the best sushi in the area in our opinion! and they are very kid-friendly and have great pomegranate martinis!) to take over there to eat during the game! So excited!! I've been craving sushi for days!

Now that the dang yardsale is over, I have to move on to finishing up planning Connor's B-Day party.... that does make me happy!

Well, this is probably the most boring blog post I've had in a while! Sorry!

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