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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ryder Cup Madness

So, I'm sure most people had heard of the Ryder Cup before this year, but not me. I honestly thought it was a horse-related thing, but turns out, I was thinking of the Breeder's Cup, which was here a couple of years ago. Obviously, I am NOT a huge golf fan (I will sometimes tune in to watch Tiger, but it's usually just by mistake) and wasn't exactly clear on how big of a deal this whole thing is. Anyway, Valhalla is super close to our house, so for the last week we've been dealing with bus and tourist traffic related to the Ryder Cup - although it's been pretty cool to see the blimp thing floating around - Connor really likes watching it.
Last night my parents watched Connor and we headed out to dinner at Bravos and then to Fourth Street Live for a little while afterwards since there were a lot of things going on down there in celebration of the Ryder Cup. There was a live band outside and the weather was perfect, making the venue pretty impressive, especially to those who are visiting from out of town. It almost felt like we were in a different city last night because there was such a diverse mix of people there. Louisville, from what I have seen, has really done a great job hosting this huge event, especially while still recovering from the worst wind storm ever!

Finally, I think everyone in our neighborhood has power! It's a good thing too because we were starting to get dirty looks from other drivers in the hood who saw us opening our garage door without actually getting out of the car and lifting it up! :) Hopefully this means Bunco is back on for tomorrow night.

Now, to more important, and quite frankly, more interesting topics. NEW SHOWS START TONIGHT!!! The ones I am most looking forward to are: Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, Private Practice and The Office. We also dabble in Two and a Half Men, New Adventures of Old Christine and Thirty Rock. I would like to start getting into Cashmere Mafia this year, so I'm going to work on Tivo-ing and actually watching that!

T minus 6 days until Connor's party! I've filled the pinata and have everything organized in our bedroom (can't wait to get all this crap out of here!!) and Jamie's mom comes in on Wednesday, which will be a huge help! My only concern about the whole thing is Connor's sleeping pattern being so 'off' from his usual schedule. Yesterday, he took a nap from 10am until almost 4 pm!!! I went upstairs and checked on him at least 3 times because I wanted to make sure he was still breathing!! Usually, he'll take 2 naps - one in the morning and then one in the early afternoon. I'm not sure if yesterday is a sign that he's ready to start taking just one nap (although 6 hours is crazy!) or if maybe it was just a fluke, but this next week should be interesting. He's also been getting up about an hour earlier than he used to (no idea why) so I guess my little man is just growing up and his sleeping needs are changing!

We have a big week coming up including: Grammy coming in town, getting pictures taken at a studio, Birthday dinner on Friday, and then Birthday Party on Saturday --- so I'll try to post and let you in on how things are going!

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