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Monday, September 15, 2008

Wind Blown ... But Still Here!

So, we survived the winds yesterday - barely!! It started in the morning when we woke up. I thought it was pouring rain outside (no such luck on the rain!) because the wind was blowing so hard and steady. By the time we got up and outside it was downright dangerous to even be out there! Our neighbor's roof shingles were blowing into our yard and pieces of fencing and trash cans were swirling through the streets. Since our power was still on and it wasn't even raining, we didn't really think the wind was that big of a deal, so we packed the car and headed to Oxmoor Mall to eat at Panera and shop around. Big mistake. We were barely able to get home!! Apparently the worst of the wind occurred while we were in the mall, so we had no idea of all the damage! Every road we took to get home was shut down because of falling trees, so we kept having to turn around! It took us almost an hour to get home -which should only take 20 minutes!

When we got home, it sucked even more! We discovered our electricity was out AND we didn't know if we had a key to our house. Yeah, not good! Thankfully, Jamie did have a house key that worked for our front door on his car keys, so we were able to get in the house and Connor into his crib, thus avoiding a lack-of-nap breakdown.

We spent the better half of yesterday afternoon hooking up our generator to the fridge, TV and lamps. We were able to salvage all our food because of it (which mostly consists of Lean Cuisine frozen entrees and beer, but saved just the same!) and we held our neighbor's newly-purchased meats, milk, etc... so it was worth the trouble of hooking it up and the $4.15 gas!! Speaking of which, I've been on the waiting-for-gas-to-go-down-before-I-fill my-tank up waiting game and it's not going so well. Not only did waiting actually cost me about 70 cents a gallon, but I had to wait in line for it, too!

So, after not even 24 hours of having semi-power and being told by the city that it could be up to 14 days!!!!!!!!!!!! ......... our power came back on today at like 2 pm. This is good news for several reasons:

1.) bunco is back on for tonight! yea!
2.) we don't have to eat out for dinner or mooch off my parents again
3.) for some reason we don't have screens on the windows in our house, so having our windows open for air is a bit iffy
4.) it's supposed to get warmer in the next couple of days which sucks without AC!, and
5.) living off a generator sucks in general, duh!!
6.) I can get online - I seriously was lost without online blogs and shopping.

I wonder if our close proximity to the Ryder Cup got our power back on sooner - who knows! And, who cares! Hopefully more people in Louisville will start getting their power back on soon. And, it would be excellent if more than just one store in the East End could be open (Walmart on Westport is as crowded as a college bar with free beer) because I really needed to go food shopping like 3 days ago and with no Krogers in the area open it's nearly impossible.

How were you affected by the most recent hurricane? Gas prices soaring? Wind damage? No power??

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