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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Tricks!!

OMG - Some days I just cannot stop looking at Connor and just laughing. In the last couple of days, Connor's personality has been bursting at the seems so much it's ridiculous!! Sometimes he does the funniest things in the backseat while I'm driving that I almost have to pull over because I'm either laughing so hard I can't see straight, or whatever he is doing in the backseat looks or sounds so cute that I just cannot take my eyes off the rear-view mirror ... and if I learned nothing else from drivers ed (which, for those of you who know what kind of driver I am, I didn't learn much more than one thing) it is not good to be a rear-view-mirror-driver. Connor discovered about a month ago how to make tons of noise spitting with his tongue hanging out. There are times when he does it for a good ten minutes at a time when we're on the road and I just cannot stop laughing. He knows he's being cute, too - once he hears me laughing it really gets him going! When I go to get him out of of his super-fun new front-facing car seat he is soaked from head to toe with his own spit! Only a mother could think of this as being the cutest thing EVER and not utterly disgusting!

In the last week, Connor has begun walking throughout the house with the use of walking apparatus. We have cute little walkers meant for supporting him that he can push, but usually he prefers using a stool, his high-chair, or anything else he can grab onto and move as he wobbles throughout the house. So cute! I saw it for the first time out of the corner of my eye just a couple days ago - his proud face lit up as he walked right down the hall past me - like, "Look mom - you're in big trouble now - I can't be more than a month away from actually walking!" I know they say that babies sometimes don't crawl - they go right to walking. Well, I think Connor will probably skip the whole walking thing and go straight to running. We are really in for it!! At least we finally have the permanent baby gates up on our stairs!

Finally, his most recent trick was discovered tonight while at the dinner table! Jamie and I were looking over at Connor with disapproving eyes as he threw rice and veggies over the side of his chair so Charlotte would come running over and eat it off the floor (ok - this is a new trick, too - but not one we're really proud of!) and while we were looking at him, he slowly squinted his eyes and then totally blinked them for about a second then opened them up really wide and laughed. At first I thought he was just getting tired! But, then he did it again!! And again!! I would say "Blink" and blink my eyes slowly and then Connor would do it, too! Funny! So, after we cleaned up after dinner I called my mom to tell her about the new trick and it ends up she taught him to do it by singing him "The headlights on the bus go blink, blink, blink". Leave it to Grandma Sue to teach him something that I knew nothing about!! haha! He's my little prodigy!!

So, I end this post with a reminder that September 7th is Grandparent's Day so throw a stamp on a card and honor your Grandparents (or at least your kids Grandparents! ;)

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