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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I MIGHT Have Done These Things ;)

I might have borrowed this idea from fellow blogger and sorority sister's blog here...

"I guess it's time to list the things I might have done since, well, last Thursday!

If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list!"

I might have opened a package of Goldfish crackers while we were still shopping in Target... and I might have blamed it on Connor, even though I was the one who was hungry and cranky!

I might have rolled my eyes when I saw a MAN driving a car with tons of Pro-Life stickers on it ... because I might make my own bumper sticker that might say something about being pro-circumcision or pro-vasectomy (or something else that only involves men's bodies).

I might have filled up the baby pool out on the deck for myself to layout in (and, again, blamed it on Connor!)

I might have gotten way, super, overly excited when I remembered Connor was going to need a lunch box for his preschool that starts in August... and I might have gotten online and immediately started adding things to my PBK virtual shopping cart... and I might be monogramming everything because it's so cute. I might be one-of-those moms!

I might have just picked up large pieces of dirt and dog hair off the carpet and pretended like I vacuumed it!

I might have eaten an entire, Costco-sized tub of hummus in less than a week. I might also be starring on next season's 'Dance Your Ass Off ' if I continue eating like that!

I might have chosen going to the pool over Gymboree AND grocery shopping this week.

**Are there things you MIGHT have done this past week? If you are going to make a list, be sure to post a comment here so we can look at your list when you post it! **

1 comment:

Abby said...

Yay for Mighty Lists :D

PS. How funny is this: the word I have to type in for verification is MIGHT - ha! The irony!