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Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent Activity w/ Connor

Whoa have we been busy lately .... hence the lack of posting in the last week or two. However, it's only going to get worse with our impending 2 week long trip across the country ... for which I feel like I should have started packing like - 3 weeks ago!

It seems like summer is go go go non-stop because there are so many fun things to be doing outside! We've been visiting local baseball teams' games in the evening, hanging out by the river at favorite hot-spots, and hitting up the neighborhood pool. Not to mention, my sister is now officially done with summer classes and her temp job, so she's able to come over and play with us now!

So, here are some pics from our recent activities!!

Swinging in a big-boy-swing at our family reunion in J. Town

Watching the fireworks at the Louisville Bat's Baseball game!
We love going on Friday.... because there's fireworks!

At the Lexington Legends Baseball game with people from Jamie's work!

So cute!

Running down the hill toward the river at Captain's Quarters

PS - Be sure to check back tomorrow! I'll be posting information about a give-away I'm hosting where one lucky blog reader will win something awesome!!

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