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Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonight's Events - You Won't Even Believe It!

So, we were supposed to head to Lexington for a firm picnic, but we kind-of veered from that. Juuust slightly!

At first we thought we might go to the zoo tonight and play in the toddler splash park area, but then it seemed the weather was going to be a bit cooler than expected (not a big surprise... Louisville is about to set a long-standing record by not having one single day in the 90's... we had them all in May and June! Sheesh!) so we nixed that plan, too!

It just so happened that I saw a sign for the Oldham County Fair, advertising the demolition derby was tonight! Woo hoo! (for those of you reading from big cities, or perhaps just anywhere not in the mid-west or south, this is where a bunch of rednecks get together and watch a bunch of even bigger and crazier rednecks run old and beat-up cars into each other all night long... and yes, we pay to get in and watch!) And although this isn't something I would normally consider "up my alley", there is something about it that was all really enjoy. Maybe it's the crazy-loud V8s, the fire shooting out of the exhausts, or the mud being slung everywhere ... whatever it is, it sure draws a large and enthusiastic crowd!

Connor had a great time.... he was yelling "crash" and "cars" the entire time, plus Jamie bought him one of those seizure-inducing strobe light necklace thingys, which kept him busy for a while!

This is a picture of Jamie and Connor in front of one of the firetrucks (one of like 10 that were there!) I took it on my phone, so it's not great!

All-in-all it was a fun family night! Plus, it was an excuse to hang out outside and eat popcorn and soft pretzels!

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