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Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion
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ABC Pure * Safe * Beneficial
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Early Summer Fun

My parent's hosted a little shin-dig at their house this past Sunday to celebrate my grandfather's (my mom's dad) birthday! The weather rocked and we managed to hold off on the nap an extra hour and a half past Connor's regular nap-time .... so the day went well! I also made my grandfather a tasty batch of peanut butter fudge! It was my first crack at making fudge and it turned out excellent! Yea! I love getting recipes from because there are always a ton of recipe versions (if you are like me and have to find a recipe that only calls for things you have in your refrigerator, the multiple recipes are handy to have!) and there are always a bunch of reviews and tips for each recipe! (which I always need!)

Anyway, pics from Sunday...

Eating pudding cake .... yumm-o!

Connor and his Grandma (my mom) sitting out on the deck!

This little guy never fails to stop and smell the ... flowers

Connor's 1st Motorcycle ride with my Uncle Glenn (OK, I didn't actually let him start the engine or move the bike with him on it... but it was a cute pic!)

My parent's front yard ... why do we both look like we're standing so goofy? Oh well.

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