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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I made a decision today to take a bit of a leap and start a second blog dedicated to fashion and product reviews, wish-lists, and my favorite clothing pieces, products, food, etc... of the moment. I will, of course, continue to update this blog with all the happenings in my, and my family's, life... especially regarding Connor and being a mommy!

That's the reason I started this blog; to be an inspiration to other young moms and wives out there who want a glimpse into the lives of real people who are trying to juggle the responsibilities of being parents while trying to hold on to at least a shred of a social life!

I hope you'll take a peek at my other blog someday! I'll post the name of it when it's all set up!

Back on topic...

We had the BEST family pool day today! There was no one else even there until about 1 pm, which is crazy because it was such a nice day! Anyway, we played at the baby pool for a few hours and then Jamie took Connor home in his wagon and I got to spend some mommy-alone-time sunning myself and talking with friends from the neighborhood. It's amazing how many more people we know in the subdivision now that we have Connor. Funny how children bring us all together!!

This evening, we ate on the river at King Fish. The weather was P E R F E C T today... and tonight was no different ... a perfect night to picnic on the river! We ordered takeout from the restaurant and then ate on a blanket down by the river while watching the sunset! Connor even found some little friends to 'play soccer' with after eating! What a great night!

PS - Notice Connor is wearing a Lakers jersey .... while I'm not a fan of NBA or these jersey things (unless they are blug with a UK on them!!) the Lakers are apparently in the NBA Finals, so I let it pass this one time!!

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