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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why College Basketball is SO Much Cooler Than the NBA

I've been informed that tonight is extremely important. Tonight the Lakers have a chance to win the NBA Championship. Woo. (Can you sense my excitement?)

Jamie grew up in LA, so obviously this is a big deal to him. No one else I know even watches or follows NBA, but that not surprising when you grow up in Kentucky. We have no need for the over-priced tickets and over-paid players in this town. No sir. We don't need fancy luxury boxes to draw celebrities to our games (ie: Ashley Judd). Nope. Because when you play basketball in Kentucky, you are already a star. Whether you grew up bleeding blue for Kentucky Wildcats basketball, or somehow you were sadly duped as a young child into cheering for the Louisville Cardinals growing up and just never could break away (can you tell I'm a UK fan? ha ;) you know where the real basketball passion lies, and it's not in the 10-million-dollar contacted players in the NBA ... it's right here in basketball country. And, if you didn't grow up in basketball country, or a place where college basketball was held to the highest standards... I'm sorry.

But that's not all.... here are more reasons why NBA basketball is inferior to NCAA College Basketball...

* In college basketball (CB), when you win a game, you win. There aren't 7 games to determine who's better. You get one shot... do or die. What's up with all the games?

* If you are accused of raping, stabbing or shooting someone, attempting it, almost doing it, or otherwise implicated in such activity, and you are a player on a CB team, you will be removed from the team .... not slapped on the wrist and allowed back on the court within weeks.

* In CB, you play because you love it. You listen to the coach. You want to become a better player. Enough said.

* There is no cheesy and annoying music blaring over the loudspeakers during every split second break in the action at a college game. What is up with that? I don't know how people are able to remain sane at an NBA game with all the music and goofy crap blaring!

Can you think of other reasons NCAA College Basketball is way-superior to NBA? I'd like to hear what you have to say! (and if you don't agree, that's cool, too! This is just for fun... and to annoy my husband!)


Chas said...

Duped? That makes no sense. Sounds like you were duped for UK

Lindsey B. said...

Not a chance. Sorry. But, it is nice that UofL has fans now.... now that they have UK's old coach! ;) It's all in good fun! At least we're from the state where real basketball is played!