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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a Fun Weekend

Busy busy busy .... that's what our weekend was like!

We kicked off the weekend Friday night at Churchill Downs for their second Friday of night racing. Jamie and I went to the very first night racing Friday a week previous without Connor, but it was a complete disaster since about 20,000 more people showed up than they were expecting .... so needless to say, that caused long lines and frustration (we're talking wait-in-line-45-minutes-for-a-cheap-beer bad). So, we gave it another go this past Friday, and decided to take Connor since they advertised tripling the staff at the track, and the temperature outside was supposed to be a little cooler.

Well, the outcome was good and bad. I'll start with the good. We arrived about 7 pm and were able to find a good and FREE parking spot close to the track. There were NO lines AT ALL for the concessions once we got in the door. Churchill definitely fixed the problems from the week before. Also, about 30 minutes after we got there, Connor decided he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore (this is pretty normal for us right now!) So, I was able to slip a beer vendor $10 to keep the stroller folded up behind her booth for a couple of hours so I didn't have to lug it around EMPTY all night! Totally the best $10 I spent all night (well, maybe tied with the beer!)

Now for the bad. It was somewhere in the ballpark of 100 degrees inside this place. NO AIR - NO AIR MOVEMENT - HOTTT (sweat-dripping-from-back-and-chest kind of hot) and poor little Connor was taking it worse than Jamie and I were. We headed upstairs to get some ice cream after counting the horses as they left the paddock for the 7ish race. That was the last time we saw horses or bet!!
I'm glad we went, but next year, we'll always be making night racing a 'date night' instead of family night.

Saturday, we headed to Eastview, KY (I dare you to try and find that on a map!) for a family reunion (my side of course!) which was fun. We weren't able to go last year because we were in Myrtle Beach, so this was the first year everyone was able to see Connor. I could tell my parents and grandparents were so proud to be able to show him off. Here are some pics!

After the reunion, Connor headed back to the 'Ville with my parents and Jamie and I went to a picnic / dinner party hosted by a partner at Jamie's law firm. That was a good time, except for all the mosquito bites we acquired .... both of our legs look like we have some sorta polka-dot disease. Super sexy.

We rounded out the weekend at Captains Quarters on the river Sunday night. The weather was FABULOUS so we ended up staying kind of late. It's nice because we've learned that if we take a big blanket for us all to sit on, Connor stays busy for hours just running around, watching the boats and water, etc... He also came home with a couple of new girlfriends!! haha!

Walking with Dada by the boats!

Connor chillin' with his girlfriends on a boat!

This upcoming weekend we are heading to Nolin Lake to stay at my grandparent's lake house. My parents are coming down on Friday, we're going down on Thursday! We all went to the lake together last July 4th weekend and had a blast! I'm hoping this year Connor will want to play more in the lake and actually enjoy riding on the boat! Either way, it's a great time grilling out, eating and drinking, fishing, boating, sunning, etc... Can't wait!

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Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Conner is getting so big! And he's handsome as always:). Happy Fourth.