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Monday, June 15, 2009

Rough Day

**Warning** If you are pregnant with your first child, or considering becoming pregnant with your first child, you may not want to read this post. Seriously ;) This is a look into my past 2 hours...

After running a couple of errands, I decided to take Connor to eat at QDoba. I've take him there several times and it's always very hectic, crowded and cramped. But today, all hell just broke loose. There is no other way to put it. And, it really wasn't completely Connor's fault, but he definitely accelerated my frustration and complicated the situation.

First, while I'm paying for our food, I look down and Connor had popped the top off of his snack-tap and spilled all the contents (Giant Rise Krispies and Craisins) all over the floor right in front of the register. {strike 1}

Next, I realize that , even though we have permanently down-sized from the super-honkin' travel system stroller to the more aerodynamic McClaren stroller, there was no way I would be able navigate through all the freakin' chairs and madness going on in the restaurant... while holding a tray, of course. {strike 2} With a lot of help from nice business men and other moms, I was FINALLY able to get through the crowds.

We ended up having to sit outside because there was no tables available inside. {strike 3} The temperature was only about 89 and the humidity was only about 80%, so already I'm thinking we should have gotten this food to go. {strike 4} There are no high-chairs ... sweet. {strike 5}

I sit out food down on the table (which is black and metal and doing a good job keeping our food warm, at least) and head back inside to get our drink. Holy crap .... for like 2 minutes while we're getting our drink, nothing bad happens.

Once back outside, dripping sweat all the while, a nice lady brings us the high chair they are finished using. Sweet. Of course Connor doesn't want to go IN the high chair, so I'm stuck holding him while we try to eat. {strike 6}

In reaching over the pick up my food, after giving Connor some rice to munch on, I completely knock my entire plate onto the ground. {strike 7} And, I say Shit pretty loud {strike 8}. So now, I have no food and I'm thoroughly embarrassed ... even more.

As a added bonus, I realize that the food did not only land on the ground, but also on my new J. Crew leather handbag, which has also been doubling as a diaper bag lately. {am I even counting strikes at this point .... no... what's the point} I decide to give up on our nice lunch. ha.

I pack up what's salvageable from Connor's lunch and through all our trash away and we head toward my car... with Connor pushing the stroller of course (so as to avoid a complete breakdown) and me holding one handle of the stroller, QDoba plate in the other, and tears in my eyes.

I felt like I actually held it together pretty well, all things considered. Especially when it's really hot out, it's hard for me to keep any sort of composure. But I could feel the burning of people's stares as we walked away. I used to be that person. "Why do you even go out of the house?" I would think. And today, I'm not even sure why we did. It's days like these that I would PAY to have a desk job.


Abby said...

Aw, Linz! I am so sorry for your rough day! I hope that you're enjoying Date Night now and that tomorrow is better :)

Randall and Suzanne said...

Bless your heart! I'm reading this thinking, "oh my gosh how did she NOT flip a gasket?" Something I'm sure I get to look forward to in the next several years to come :-) Hope you are doing well! Miss you tons!