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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resolution #2 - Get in Shape Shirley...

OK, on my other blog I just posted about my 2-week shopping strike {gasp}, so it's only fitting that I fill readers in on my other "resolution" for the summer... well, I'm actually going to call it a "goal" instead... because that's really more accurate.

You ready?...

Just to prepare you, it's an extremely unique and interesting resolution / goal...

Okay, not really....

I've decided to change my eating and exercising habits to try to be the best and the most fit I can be (to a certain extent ... I'm of course still going to drink wine and eat pizza ... I can't change WHO I AM!).

Cheesy, right? Here's how this all came about:

Recently, I've not been feeling excellent about how my clothes are fitting/ looking. And before you go thinking I'm deranged... I know that I am thin and do not need to "lose weight" per say... but I would be much happier with a lower % body fat count. I've been there before ... just after graduation college (when the beer drinking weaned a bit and I started eating a little less disgusting) it didn't take long to achieve the body I wanted. Without dieting and just adding a bit of exercise into my life, *bam*, I was at my goal weight and looked great.

Soooooooooooooooooo, some things have changed since then. Not only am I a few years older, but I've also had a child ... duh... so reaching my goals is certainly not going to be any easier. But I can do it!! Nothing feels worse than knowing you aren't being the best you can be ... and right now, that's how I feel.

To stay motivated and accountable, I'll be posting my stats here once a week to include:

1.) workouts: what I did each day,
2.) screw-ups: bad days of eating, etc..., and
3.) body fat %: BF%= as determined by our little scale thingy in the master bathroom.

So, look for weekly updates to be posted on Friday regarding my progress! The goal, to run a 5K this fall! (and for my clothes to all fit the way I want them to!)

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