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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our ... Garden!?!

While out on the deck this afternoon, it occurred to me how utterly pathetic my motivation is to "keep a garden". So, I took some pictures. Here you go:


Oh yes, gorgeous, right? The only reason I even bothered with planting these is because we actually eat both of these veggies .... I mean, fruits & veggies ..... errr... whatever.


This was a Mother's Day gift from my mom. I planted it and it didn't die ... yet. The day I planted it, I left Connor outside by himself for like 5 seconds and came back to a completely bald plant because he had plucked all the buds off of it! He was so proud! The plant recovered well ... I'm sure it was due to all the TLC I gave it (you know, watering once or twice a week and ... ok, that's it)

If we end up planting anything else worthy of noting, I will let you know. But it's doubtful! The fact that I have kept these alive for this long is already a miracle! Just thought I would share!

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